Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuxedo Agate Pendant

In keeping with my autumnal colors, this is a Tuxedo Agate pendant that i finished last week. It's a very classy stone!

I went to a show in Raton, New Mexico over the weekend. It was an outdoor show, and the temperature was a high of 48 degrees on Saturday! It finally cleared up a bit on Sunday afternoon. In spite of only a few people braving the cold, I had a good show, and enjoyed the colors on the way, and a great tamale with green chili in Taos on the way down!

Leopard Skin Jasper Pendant and Bracelet

Here are 2 new pieces. It's 2 great stones of Leopard Skin Jasper. I'm into browns and blacks in this cooler fall weather!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Denver Gem Show 2009

This is Andrei, one of the dealers from whom i get the Charoite, Seraphinite and Astrophyllite. He said that the Charoite mine is still closed, and that there are currently no plans to reopen it. There is still charoite left in the mine, but the miners and equipment were pulled off several years ago to work elsewhere. The mine is way out in the middle of Siberia, as far from Moscow as New York is to Las Angeles. He said that the temperatures get down to 60 or 70 below zero in the winter, so as much as I love the Charoite, I guess I won't be volunteering to be the new mine manager!! It's a good thing I bought so much Charoite in the past, and still have plenty to work with!

Denver Gem Show 2009

This is Charlie and his lovely wife, from whom i bought the great piece of Larimar that I'm holding. Charlie was instrumental in bringing Larimar to the market back in the 1970's. They are super nice people, and I'm always happy to catch up with them in Denver and in Tucson.

Welcome to my new blog! I just got back from a buying trip to the Denver Gem and Mineral Show--what FUN!!! My friend Deb and I spent 4 days oohing and aahing and buying lots of gorgeous cabachons, rocks, crystals and beads. There are actually 10 different shows, with dealers and stones from all over the world. It's almost over-saturation--we actually go a day early, before the shows truly open, to be able to get the best stones. Then we shop, shop, shop from 9 am to 7 pm--by the time we leave Denver, we can't even remember most of what we've gotten--we just know it was fabulous! It's like Christmas to come home and open bags and see my goodies again!!!
I'll show pics of some of my treasures in the future--this week I have to get a few orders done, and then get ready for a show next weekend in Georgetown, Colorado. The aspens were SO beautiful coming home from Denver, and I'll get to see them again on the way to Georgetown--yay!